Why Not a Stackable Bar Stools

May 13th

Stackable bar stools – Having the main common rooms such as the kitchen or dining room, in a single open space that the merge is an option to consider if we want to increase the spatial feel and functionality of our home and give it a contemporary twist. Uniting the kitchen and dining room means in most cases the creation by the designer of an island.

The island is a highly functional element, as well as providing additional space for storage, it is perfect for breakfast or a quick meal; but also it can become an element of design with the introduction of items such as kitchen stackable bar stools. Metal structure or pickled wood and leather, is all you need to create a stool for your kitchen that turns your interior an authentic loft industrial New York. The aesthetic vintage is fashionable, the world DIY or do it yourself, venerates. You can buy new or restore yourself. If your island is finished in brick or concrete factory aesthetic vintage is what you need.

A functional alternative, especially if you have a garden, is to opt for a stool suitable for outdoor use. You have materials like resin that simulates leather that combine functionality and design. If you receive visits at home, have this type of stackable bar stools is an option, as it will be useful at any time of year.

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