Tips About Laundry Folding Table

Feb 18th

Laundry Folding Table – Laundry rooms seem to emanate clutter and eat table space. A folding table wall is a perfect complement because it gives space when needed, then tucks away after use. For this project, buy two special connectors called folding stands. These supports may be available at your local home improvement or you may need to order them. Determine how high you want the table foot when extended.

Most tables are between 30 and 34 centimeters high. Draw a level line on the wall 1 1/2 inches lower than the desired height to take into account the thickness of the laundry folding table. Use the stud finder to locate two consecutive poles on the wall. Mark the wall at the location of the studs. You then drill some furring strips and folding brackets to the studs inside the wall. Measure the length of one side of the collapsible support. Cut two strips furring, each 1 longer than this measure inch. Screw the first furring strips on the wall to their brands post with screws 1 1/4-inch.

Repeat with the other furring strip. Screw the folding stands for furring strips on the wall with the 2 screws 1/2-inch. Extend your position folding stands out. Measure the length of your laundry folding table and cut a furring strip according to this measure. Screw the furring strip at the bottom front of the tabletop on the side of the table, which will spread out in the room.

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