The Measurements of Daybed Mattress

May 22nd

Daybed mattress – A daybed is a functional space saver, combining a sofa with a bed. It uses a size mattress, a double size, which limits the choices in terms of the number of people who can comfortably sleep on it. A daybed often has an optional trundle under it, using the same size mattress.

Other than the mattresses used in baby cribs, twin mattress offers the smallest dimensions. It measures 39 inches across and 75 inches in length. Twin mattresses offered in various thicknesses, usually about 8 inches thick to a daybed. Daybed frames often elegant frames, and a mattress that is not too thick keeps blocking any view of daybed mattress itself. The length of the mattress will probably not reach all the way to frame edges, which gives you space for bedding on top of it.

Daybed mattresses can be draped with a cover during the day as an alternative to the bedding, which gives an attractive daybed, couch-like look. To sleep, the comforter sets are often placed on the daybed and includes a comforter, shams three and sometimes a bed skirt that hangs under the mattress, floating down to a point just above the floor. The comforter is usually 52 inches wide by 99 inches in length, compared to the normal 62-inch width and 86 inch length twin duvet.

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