Square Folding Table Design

Sep 17th

Square folding table – A table folding is a piece of furniture that is use often to help lay additional guests who can come to eat, once the seat of your regular table is occupy. A folding table can also be use for things that should not be keep outside all the time, as the areas of crafts. Many of the folding tables found in stores, however, are not very attractive, and are very strong. Prepare wooden table and legs, whatever is necessary: ​​sanding, painting or dyeing. The supports are plate steel bronze, so you have to choose a dye or paint color accordingly.

Fixed brackets for square folding table legs so that when the support is open. The part that attaches to the back of the table is flush with the top of the leg. Do this first aligning the support as will be set, marking the holes with a pencil carpenter. And also drill pilot holes and then screw the support leg with screws that come on the set.

Square folding table check your measurements and marks for each leg of the folding table before you start joining them. Place the legs in place on the bottom of the tabletop according to brands that have previously done. Making sure that each faces in the necessary direction to fold under the table. And mark the holes for the screws stand at the bottom. Drill pilot holes for all screw holes and then screw each leg in place, again with the screws that come with the media.

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