Setting Folding Poker Table

Oct 20th

Folding poker table-To really enjoy a game of poker, having the right equipment is a must. A quality folding poker table can increase the enjoyment you and your friends experience when you play the game. These tables can be quite expensive if you buy from a furniture manufacturer, but you can save money by building one yourself. One of the more difficult aspects of building a circular poker tables cut the round shape from a piece of wood. Most cutters are suitable for cutting straight lines rather than curves, but with a few careful steps, you can create a perfectly cut circular table top.

Measure and locate the point that will be the center of the round table. Mark this point with a pencil. Install nails or staples at the center point by tapping on the nail or tack with a hammer. Tie a string securely around the nail or tack. Once you decide what should be the radius of your folding poker table, measure this distance along the string and tie a pencil to that point on the string. This approach will serve as a great compass and allows you to draw the circle size you want on the wood surface.

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