Building a Round Picnic Table

Sep 26th

Round picnic table – A round picnic tables, which can be a nice alternative from the standard quadrangle, presents unique challenges in construction. But you can use an X-leg design, just like other picnic tables, to provide a stable base and sturdy frame.

Arrange 5 x 12 next to each other to form a square 60 by 60 inches, and glue them in place. To secure them, add 54-inch 2 x 4 in the middle of the boards, and secure it tightly with screws. It should reach to within three inches of each edge. Find the center of the square by drawing lines from corner to corner and mark the intersection. From this point, measure a 30-inch radius around the center by drawing a 30-inch cord with a pencil mark line. Cut around the perimeter line of the jigsaw to form the top of the round picnic table.

Measure 20 inches outward along the planks from the center 54-inch 2 x 4 and use screws to attach two of the 40-inch 2 x 4s over the planks parallel to the center 2 x 4th These will span the desktop and also provides a base for the legs. Measure center for four of the five remaining 2 x 4s, 20 inches from each end, and drill a hole through the center of each 2 x 4. Cut the ends of each of the four 45-degree angle so that the ends are still parallel, and can rest color of both the round picnic table and the ground.

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