Returning to the Deck of a Kids Eames chair

Oct 22nd

Kids Eames chair – Re-cover a kids Eames chair can be a challenge for those who have no experience upholstery, but with the right tools, a little patience and time, you can revitalize an Eames lounge, creating a jewel for your home and a legacy treasured. Returning to the deck of kids Eames chair, Turn the kids Eames chair and remove the old staples and nails that hold the old leather cover and the buttons Quilt skin side down. Use a staple remover or a flat to help loosen the staples and tacks file. Try not to tear the skin during removal. Mark in the old leather from its original location with a grease pencil. This will help you create a pattern. Set the pieces aside.

Returning to the deck of a kids Eames chair, Use a seam ripper to remove the old welt cables. Measure the old ropes as remove them. Cut the length of the new cable welt in the same lengths. Place the new vinyl or leather on a flat surface. Place the old pieces of leather on top. Trace the outline of each piece in the new tissue using the grease pencil. Check the placement of the button holes as well. Trim the new pieces of leather. Make clean holes through the eyelets using a punch or punch leather.

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Weaving new edging cable lengths in the kids Eames chair following the original model. A tapestry needle curve helps this process. Tape new upholstery pieces down in place using double – sided tape. Thread the needle thread tapestry upholstery. Sewing the buttons in place through the foam padding. Tie each securely and cut off excess thread. Attach the trim pieces in place with the stapler and tacks. Hammer tacks on wooden frame with the rubber mallet.