Repair Broken Concrete Picnic Tables

Sep 2nd

Concrete picnic tables – The first, concrete powder with water in a mixing container. The mixture should be quite moist and light to the touch. Continue mixing and add more water or concrete mix in small quantities to get the right consistency. Second, Spray picnic table with a steady stream of water from a garden hose for about three minutes to moisten the area with fractures.

If you repair a complete rupture, soak the broken piece of concrete picnic tables in a water bath for about three minutes. Wet concrete is easier to repair when using a concrete mixture. If the concrete is dry, it can absorb water from the concrete mix and make the mixture is dry and difficult to work with. Third, towel out picnic table to remove any standing water or pools of water. Apply the concrete mix to cracks in the surface of picnic table with a spatula.

Use a trowel or putty knife to apply the concrete mix on both sides of a section that has broken completely, and line up the seam to join the two pieces together. Prop up the broken section with a support such as a stone or a table. Last, cover the repaired area with a tarp or plastic wrap and let the concrete mix cure at least 24 hours. Apply a second layer of concrete picnic table’s repair in order. Repeat the application until the fracture appears seamless.

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