Pasting Inflatable Intex Mattress

Oct 20th

Intex Mattress – Currently, air mattresses enjoy great popularity among lovers relax in nature. Due to its compact design features and are used not only for swimming, and as a bed in a tent. However, the mattress has a drawback: it’s easy to damage, any contact with a sharp object can lead to the appearance of holes. So how do you fill the inflatable mattress at home?

If during operation the Intex mattress started down the air, it is worth reflecting on the fact that the product there is damage in the form of puncture or cut. You need to find the puncture site and for this purpose, can be spread with moody waterbed with soap (should come bubble in the place of damage) or immersion in water (if you have an excellent ear, toga you can hear a puncture site by the characteristic). By bubbles you out of work find technical damage.

When buying a mattress in the kit should include the patch. You may shop at the repair shop of a set of Intex mattress. Patch includes sheep, vinyl transparent adhesive (for repairing the smooth surface) and the glue. If it does not exist, the cutting of any material suitable for gummed patch size. The use of super-glue is not recommended, it can damage the surface of the vinyl. For this purpose it will serve elastic rubber cement (polyurethane), for example “the moment”.

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