Parts of Folding Picnic Table

Sep 6th

Folding picnic table is making of plastic, wood or aluminum is folding picnic table designed for comfort, functionality, durability and storage. A single folding picnic or counter can function as a bench or table. However, it will look like half of a traditional picnic tables. Therefore, two sets of folding picnic table or benches placed together in the table state needed to form a traditional picnic table. The basic elements of a folding picnic tables are seats and backs, table top, arms and armrests, legs and hinges. In addition, there are tables support pieces and decorative filling.

The folding picnic table top in an upright horizontal position serves as a table. However, when released from the lock, or upright position, and folded down, it serves as a bench back. If a lock system is present it will have two locking pieces mounted on the underside of the table top at opposite ends.

Two of these collapsible bench bits when taken back to back and in the table position. Forming a regular folding picnic table with a top and two benches. If make from a kit or from the top, the dimensions of the table. And benches changed by selecting the length of the boards to be used. Below the table or on the back of the benches and there will be support pieces.

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