New Picnic Table Bench Plans

Oct 10th

Picnic table bench plans – decide what design you want. Looking for a typical picnic tabler, do you prefer separate benches and table or with attached benches? Then make your own plans. You should at least have basic dimensions before build it, knowing what material will you use, and decide if you will be attaching your joints with nails, screws or bolts, or a combination of the three, before they go to buy your materials.

The most common form of picnic table bench plans is an A-frame with angled legs that also supports the bench. Typically, the table height is around 30 inches, while the bench and chair tops average out around 17 inches. Separate benches and table requires more material and planning. Make sure to provide braces for A-frame legs.

Write a list of dimensions and number of parts required and, if necessary, make a drawing showing where each piece fits and how it will be connected to the table. Once you have chosen your picnic table bench plans style, it’s time to select materials.  Whatever material you choose must be at least 2 of 6 inches, straight, smooth and free of large cracks and loose knots. Make sure you buy enough to cover any cutting faults or fractures. Usually 10 percent extra is enough.

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