Make a Couch Mattress or a Bench

Jun 12th

Couch mattress – Make a quilted mattress for a sofa or a bench is a way to renew and give an updated look to your furniture without spending much and very easily. In this case we will make a captioned false. This way of making mats is suitable for banks sofa or loveseat as much. For larger furniture it is preferable to two or three independent cushions. So you prevent bunching filling. While this, of course, it is your own choice and depends on the couch or the bank. Choose a fabric for the mat. Choose a fabric to make the right mat for the space where the furniture will be. If your idea is to change soon looking for some recessed or in places where they are cheap, but strong. Especially if you have enough use. I chose a red striped sofa IKEA for a porch. Measure the length and width of the sofa or bench where it will be placed, calculated 15 centimeters per side (better have excess fabric. When sewing stay inside the sheath and will not be) Faces inside out and leaves 10 centimeters more on all four sides.

Those will be then giving up the couch mattress

. In this case is 20 cm. Sew around leaving one of the narrow sides an opening about a foot and turns to the fabric to leave for the right. Mark the corners to now sewing perpendicular to the other seam 20 cm height that will give the mattress. Mark with a pencil on the right side of fabric, on both sides, distributing the width and length of the sleeve, the points where fabrics’ join up and down to make the false captioned Fill the sheath. You can use chopped wadding or foam. Both products are washable, cheap and easy to replace. It is what is used in the filling of the cushions with which you decorate beds and couches. When you have the desired consistency, sew the side that you left open (you can also put a zipper or a tape type “Velcro” to empty the holster without having to unpick.

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Now with a needle or wool upholstery and using cotton thread which is used to crochet, through the fabric and pull the thread so that the fabrics remain about five centimeters. This is what the effect on the mattress captioned. If you want, at those points you can put a button, a small loop or other ornament, so do not see the place where you’ve sewn, although not necessary. Other captioned or mats in which inspiration. These couch mattress are suitable for all seats, but you can also do it to the floor in a playroom, for example. This process is the same if you want to do is a cover for a mattress of a piece of foam rubber or normal mattress, for example. Only, you should not do captioned points.

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