Kasson Pool Table Inside the House

Oct 22nd

Kasson pool table – If you are thinking about buying a pool table for your home, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, what size table you want? Then factor becomes, do you have enough room for the size of the table in your home. I say this because many times I saw a table of 8 feet squeezed into a room that would not be suitable for 7 footer or bar box.

Consider that you need a minimum of 5 1/2 feet on each corner Kasson pool table and more if you intend to have a seat or other furniture there. I played in 9 footer when possible but my basement is suitable only for a table of 8 feet that is what we have.

Second, Purchase Kasson pool table is really an investment and you get what you pay for so do not go buying a table super cheap. New or used as a pool table can last a lifetime if well taken care of so I would suggest you consider the major brands such as Brunswick, Diamond and Kasson pool table. But know that even the manufacturer no longer in business as Gandy made several large tables. Make sure your desk is made of wood to keep the dings and scratches to a minimum and 2-3 pieces of slate 1 inch of the top.

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