How to Build Mattress Platform

Aug 31st

Mattress platform -You need to decide what type of design you want for bed. It depends if you want to have a full-size mattress, queen size bed, queen mattress or mattress double size. Measure the mattress, you can add a little extra 10 to 12 inches to the real measure of a contemporary look under the bed, or you can make the bed the same size of your mattress.

Method for making the bed mattress platform. Once you have the dimensions, make a frame agreement with them. Fasten the ends of the frame by drilling holes at the ends and tighten the screws. Add a little on the support brackets, especially if the size of the bed will be big. Add at least two wooden supports. You will need to measure the width of the bed and cut the supports for the form of support from the leaves of wood.

Mattress platform places the same distance by dividing the bed into 3 parts. Attached to the main structure by drilling holes from the outside and fixed with long screws. Now you have to cut the MDF sheet according to the frame size, you can use several sheets of the same. Now place the leaves in wooden frame on top of the other. Align perfectly. You will need to drill holes through the top of these sheets into the frame.

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