High Quality Horse Hair Mattress

Feb 5th

Horse hair mattress is a natural mattress with a core consisting of 9 layers of pure horsehair high quality that gives a softer damping. This model is recommended for adults with normal body weight tend to sweat that usually sleep face-up or face-down. The core is coated with a mixture of cotton and linen. The mattress is finished with a fixed quilted cotton and linen new wool jacket.

In the range of natural mattresses of horse hair mattress find all the qualities that characterize a good natural mattress. Elasticity is a fundamental requirement for optimal weight distribution criterion and therefore proper support of the body. Proper rest of the body ensures adequate rest and provides a significant improvement in the regeneration of the muscles and spine during sleep.

From the orthopedic point of view, a good mattress should fit the shape of the body lying (side, face up or face down), ensuring that the spine is placed in a natural way. Mattresses 100% natural latex are extremely elastic and flexible and adapt to body shapes, much more than other materials such as viscoelastic polyurethane or metal springs. With mattresses horse hair mattress will experience all the benefits that organic materials pose for a night of natural sleep. Horse hair mattress processed raw materials directly in its factory and handmade.

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