Headboard with Bamboo Mattress

Oct 29th

Bamboo mattress – Create a natural headboard with bamboo and fabric for a spa-like atmosphere in your bedroom. Bamboo stalks are available from many timber supply stores, they are easy to cut and pair beautifully with silk, cotton or linen fabric.  Have a 3/4-inch-thick sheet of plywood cut to fit the overall dimensions of your headboard. Make your headboard as high as you want, but the width must be at least as wide as your mattress.  Cut a part of upholstery foam to fit the middle of the face of your headboard. Leave a 4-inch border around the edge of the plywood open so you can place the bamboo stalks that.

Spray glue over the face of the plywood and secure the foam.  Cut a portion of the batt to fit over the face and edges of the foam. Possibility of a 1/2-inch lip around the perimeter of the foam, so you can attach batting to the bamboo mattress.  Spray glue on foam and lay the batting on top. Staple batting around the foam insert staples every three inches or so.

Cut enough fabric to cover the foam and batting. Leaving the same lip around the edge for stapling. Cover batting with the fabric and staple it in place. Cut bamboo stems to fit limits for your headboard. Plan to Butt ago stems from the stem along the top and bottom corners. Cut enough stems so the border with headboard, from the edge of the foam to the edge of the plywood, covered with bamboo mattress.  Cut bamboo stems to fit the outer edges of the headboard. This will add dimension to your project, as well as cover the raw edges of the plywood. Attach the bamboo stalks with construction adhesive.

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