Folding Futon Mattress on Japanese Bed

May 19th

Folding Futon Mattress – Advantages and disadvantages of futon beds inspire by traditional beds of Japan. If you like oriental decor with safe air you know the futon beds, inspired by traditional Japanese bed. In another article we discussed how to make bed headboard sofa beds; today we tell you more about futon beds.

This type of original folding futon mattress is very thin Japan 6-7 cm piece is called (shikibuton) and joins a sheath called (Kakebuto) and then there is the pillow or (Makura). They should be vented daily since being outside cotton absorbs moisture. Nishikawa factory is the oldest of Japan with a history of over 400 years. Today futons manufactured with the latest technology.

The futons are used on mats or tatami mats on the floor. As there is a heavy piece of furniture like a bed and is foldable for the day are saved and thus leave more space in the room. These mattresses are outside cotton or wool and grain fillers are straw or some filling plastic pellets. Over time as in the West mattresses they are customizable with different fibers such as latex mattresses or futons Viscoelastic also changed. Today folding futon mattress of Seiatsu type, easier to maintain and adapt to the body posture takes.

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