Double Sided Pillow Top Mattress

Oct 19th

Double sided pillow top mattress – Top mattresses, with an extra layer of cushioning, providing comfort and a luxurious feel. However, they may require a slightly different care than your traditional mattress. It all depends on whether you have a single-sided or double-sided pillow top mattress. Inspect your mattress if only one side has the extra padding, it’s single-sided, and if both sides have the extra padding, you have a double-sided mattress

A double sided pillow top mattress can be reversed. Lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew of the Today Show. com recommend flipping your mattress to minimize body impressions and increase the life of the mattress. She prefers double-sided mattresses, indicating they may extend mattress life. Rotate and flip your mattress every two weeks for the first three months and continues to rotate and flip every other month.

A biannual mattress flip sustains life of your double sided pillow top mattress, as constant pressure from your body gets pillow top to sag over time. Flipping smoothes the use of both sides of the mattress, and produces a noticeable hump, if your last mattress flip was several months ago. Although not all pillow tops are restorable even a bump develops, you can minimize the severity of the pillow top’s unevenness through manual force.

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