Create Multipurpose 4ft Folding Table

Sep 23rd

4ft folding table – Some multipurpose folding table needs 4ft to open and close there. 2 feet is combined so looked like 1 foot. And also another feet like it too. For Shaping and distances: Present the 4 suits forming each end piece and mark their positions. In the longer vertically the first horizontal going to 16 cams. From the lower end and the second is 6 cms. From the top edge. The short vertical goes up the other suits and 10 cms. From the edge of the horizontal.

Make holes in the unrounded edges of the horizontal, following the same procedure described above. That is, two holes are 1 cm. each edge and ridge axis. Make the holes in the area of the largest vertically and fits with the facts in the horizontal. These holes are drilled with wick 8 mms. Put cold glue into the 4ft folding table holes.

Shaping a slug and do fit the other stick. Hitting with a hammer to completely fit the dowel. Set another vertical. Present folding feet in position within the central column. Make a hole with a wick 8 mms. Just passing through the center of the horizontal section of the central column and the end piece. Pass the screw to make it swing. And your multipurpose 4ft folding table ready to use now.

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