Convenient Low Back Bar Stools

Oct 6th

Low back bar stools – A kitchen with stools always gives a qualitative leap: moving from strictly individual space for preparing food to another tasting and, above all, more social meeting. In this article we focus on a particular type: the high stools with backrest and, as we shall see in a kitchen fit better than others.

Before identifying what kitchens are most appropriate for these seats, it is recalled that the backing is a detail that brings a plus of comfort: serves as a support for the low back bar stools, releasing stress and preventing future trouble. In addition, barstools with back are more designed to sit and stay a while, while stools backless respond to an idea more circumstantial and discontinuous: sit, stand, sat down again … Therefore, they have supported are more suitable for take breakfast, a quick lunch or similar foods.

Leaving aside the more typical decoration and interior design (color, shapes …) considerations, this type of stools usually fit well in kitchens that have a separate bar. It is where you can have breakfast or lunch and once the food can be collected comfortably under the bar, where not excessively protrude backup. This idea is also valid for American kitchens, always placing low back bar stools on the outside of the bar.

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