Casual and Comfortable Aluminum Folding Table

Oct 23rd

Aluminum folding table – Folding tables provide a quick, casual and comfortable area for food. Make crafts or other projects or activities that require a flat, sturdy surface.  Read on to learn how to fold up and take down a folding table. Turn the table upside down and lay it flat on the ground. Look at the bones to see what kind of table you have. Virtually all folding tables are built with four legs or two in-depth posts with two legs.

Open a four-legged table by raising each leg on hinges from the table surface. And pull outward until it locks into place. Turn table right side up. Close a four legged aluminum folding table for storage by turning the table on its side and depressing the trigger on each leg next to the hinge and then fold the leg back under the table surface. Set up a rectangular or large, circular two-entry table by setting it up and down on the ground.

Increase the post upright until perpendicular to the bottom of the table surface and lock them in place by pushing the metal bracket between the legs of each post until it locks in the middle of the legs. Close the large aluminum folding table by raising the locking metal holder from the hinge on each leg and folding posts back under the table surface.

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