Build 4 Foot Folding Table

Oct 3rd

4 foot folding table – You need four 1.5-inch square wooden table legs, two packages of wanted-lock folding legs. Also need brackets, drill, screwdriver and three tables. Firstly, prepare your wood table and legs, but necessary, whether sanding, painting or staining. The parentheses are bronze-plated steel; you will choose a stain or paint color accordingly. Decide where you want your legs on the table will fitte.

Measure and mark on the bottom of the table where the outside corner of each stage must, make sure they are all in the same place relative to their respective corners. Attach the brackets to the 4 foot folding table on the table so that when the bracket is open, the part that attaches to the underside of the table is flush with the top of the leg. Doing this at the first queue bracket where it is placed, marking the screw holes with your carpenter’s pencil, drill pilot holes and then screw the bracket to the bone with screws supplied brackets.

Make measurements and markings 4 foot folding table before adding them. Put the legs in place on the bottom of your table by the marks you made earlier, make sure that each leg is facing in the direction it must meet so that it will throw up under the table, and mark the holes for the bracket on the underside of the table. Borehole pilot for all the screw holes and screw each leg / clamp combination in place, again using the screws supplied with the brackets.

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