Build 6 Foot Folding Table Ideas

Sep 26th

6 Foot Folding Table – In some small apartments, the living space is very small, so if we put a large table with chairs to sit, can run out of space for anything else. What can we do? We propose to replace the classic big table with a folding table and also would encourage you to do yourself, do you dare?

The 6 foot folding table that we suggest must have room to eat at least four people. Moreover, as we will do it ourselves, we can hold on a base of drawers in the center, so that, when folded, we also serve as a small chest of drawers to store everything we know where to put. We will need for our table the following elements: two wooden planks eight strips, rods, hinges, cold glue, screws, dowels sealant and small. Steps to make the folding table: We must make a sketch of how it will be our table to have the dimensions and to cut the planks.

We can ask that we cut them on the site that we buy. Ideally, we remain a central column of six drawers, which serves us as a skeleton for the table, two mobile feet serve to display the 6 foot folding table on both sides and finally the table top to be divided into three parts. We can make it smaller, allowing it to open to one side only, with one foot and two wooden tops.

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