12 Unique Bar Stools Design

Oct 30th

Unique bar stools – stool represents modern lifestyle, an SUV adapted to all situations. What are you waiting for! If you too are someone who still putting stool around a kitchen island, forget it. This design Babaudd Juliette goes to show that stools can be used for a thousand and one different uses. This example is a sturdy carved wooden seat with a cavity which makes pair of magazine rack or bookstore. A wonderful complement lounge where to leave our books and receive visitors. A ‘two in one’ made with natural materials.

aim of Uncut Diamond is to transform any part or space something unique and original to give a second life. They use everything that falls into their hands, from car parts to oil drums. In this case they have achieved and successfully. Result, this unique bar stools industrial style that combines several elements of wood and metal, and of course, seeing result, we could never guess where they come from their pieces.

How many boxes of strawberries needed to sit? That must have been question asked Henry Baumann when designing this unique bar stools. And answer is eight only eight boxes of strawberries to create this original design that can be your lifeline. A low to hide in any corner and take it out only when you need stool. If at any time you would have raised that happens to piles and piles of boxes that accumulate with some establishments, here is answer. Feel free to try your own creations; you see everything is possible with some imagination.

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